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Melting Point of an Unknown Substance

Melting Point of an Unknown Substance


The Melt Station makes it possible to accurately determine the melting temperature of solid substances.


In this experiment, your students will determine the identify of an unknown substance by its melting point.      




    This U-PIK will include enough materials for five student groups.  Suggested group size is 2-3 students.  The U-PIK will include the following:


    • 6 melt stations
    • 6 vials of capillary tubes 
    • 6 LabQuest 2 interfaces
    • 6 vials of unknown solid

    The melt station can be easily used to support the concept of melting point and intermolecular forces.  This experiment can be included when first discussing the difference among solid, liquid, and gas.  


    No mathematical calculations are required for this experiment.  Due to its introductory nature, the laboratory can be introduced in a middle school science classroom.


    Time:  One day (suggested).    


    Student Level:  

    BEGINNER (Grades 5-12)

  • Melt Station User Manual

  • Lab Experiment: Preview Document

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