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U-PIKs (Universal Portable Instrumentation Kits)

Cape Fear Community College's Chemical Technology Program, with the aid of the National Science Foundation, offers the "U-PIK" program to STEM classrooms in New Hanover and Pender county.  The project, funded through the CT-EnTICE:  Chemical Technology - Enrolling Technicians and Improving Community Engagement proposal (Award #1601564), allows teachers of STEM classrooms to "check-out" a pre-designed laboratory that they would like to integrate into their curriculum.  Materials, supplies, glassware, and equipment needed to implement the experiment will be delivered to your school.  After exposing students to the training and technology of the protocol, the kit will be picked up from your location and returned to Cape Fear Community College's campus.  Currently, there is no cost associated with the U-PIK service.

The kits are specifically designed to offer enhanced STEM education and learning in your school laboratory.  The experiments are carefully chosen to seamlessly integrate into a chemistry or chemical technology course.  Students enrolled in the Chemical Technology program perform similar, if not identical, experiments throughout their curriculum.  The laboratories are designed with an "applied science" connotation.  In many of the procedures, students will learn how the methods relate to industry and other real-world scenarios. 

We encourage STEM educators to utilize this service as many times as needed.  Your demand will help determine the success of the U-PIK program.  New U-PIKs will be available throughout the academic year and the database will constantly be updated.  We also welcome suggestions on how we can improve our offerings to your classroom.      

Elementary, middle, and high schools (public or private) may utilize this service.  If you have laboratories that you are currently implementing in your classroom, and if these laboratories could benefit from the probeware and handheld instrumentation offered through this service, you may check-out just the probeware!  You will find the stand-alone probeware in the "U-PIKs" category above.    

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